Analysis & Strategy

All decisions should be based on relevant facts and analyses as well as a well-considered strategy for effective achievement of the goals that have been set. Gate46 provides different types of analyses with focus on growth and savings as well as workplace development.

When Gate46 performs a portfolio analysis, we look at aspects such as the savings potential in your existing contract portfolio and the further establishment opportunities that exist in your markets and within each sector. We then develop a clear strategy and project plan. When necessary we can also analyse individual establishments and provide validated data for decision-making processes.

An analysis with focus on workplace development aims to identify the effectiveness of your current work methods and the changes that are required to better meet your future needs in terms of work methodology and the workplace as a tool.

We customise the scope and design of all analyses and strategy development processes based on your specific needs.

Samtliga analyser och strategiarbeten varierar i omfattning och tillvägagångssätt beroende på era behov.


A contract negotiation involves many important aspects, all of which must be handled professionally. Focusing solely on negotiating the lowest possible rent does not necessarily lead to the best conditions for a contractual relationship.

We adopt a holistic approach to negotiation, with an understanding that the financial, legal and technical requirements and conditions must all be negotiated and secured in detail to ensure an optimal outcome. A contract usually involves a contractual relationship that runs for a long time, and a structured, thorough approach is therefore key to achieving the right terms and conditions. This may include aspects such as investment grants for specific improvements, regulation of options, the purpose and use of the premises and technical requirements, and operating and maintenance responsibilities.

With more than 100 negotiations per year, Gate46 has the expertise and experience required to help you perform professional contract negotiations in a manner that creates long-term value and security for your business.


Kristian Ericsson

Senior Project Manager, Retail

Rental Law Advisory

Rental law consists of complex legislation that borders on other areas of law. As a tenant, it can be difficult to know what rights you have. For example, do you have the right to take over or transfer a lease? And what demands can you impose on your landlord when it comes to setting up the premises prior to taking possession, or during the course of your tenancy?

By using rental law as a professional tool, you can minimise risk and maximise benefit. Gate46 has access to some of the most experienced lawyers in the industry when it comes to specialist expertise in the field of commercial rental and property law. We assist our clients in a variety of matters relating to rental law, including preparation and review of contracts, and performance of terminations, negotiations and dispute resolution.


Magnus Ericsson

Real Estate Lawyer


A successful establishment requires careful planning and analysis and a clear strategy. An initial premises specification is prepared, taking into account all relevant factors relating to property economics, technical requirements and rental law.

Gate46 performs a thorough search for premises among our extensive network of property owners and tenants, with the aim of identifying the premises that best meet your specific needs and requirements. In order to screen the market as effectively as possible, we search for premises via multiple channels concurrently, an approach that enables us to stay one step ahead and identify premises that are yet to reach the market.

With our expertise and experience, we always negotiate the best possible arrangement for you from both a financial and legal standpoint. Gate46 ensures specification of the appropriate market rent and the right terms and conditions in the contract, and that these obligations are met after taking possession of the premises.


Abbi Karlsson

Senior Project Manager, Retail

Portfolio Optimisation & Contract Management

Portfolio optimisation has the overall aim of increasing your profitability. Adopting a structured and well-implemented contract portfolio strategy creates financial as well as strategic value. Creating the right conditions requires a systematic, consistent and thorough approach, with access to large amounts of market data.

Gate46 provides services that encompass portfolio optimisation as well as management and monitoring of your company’s lease agreements. Based on your company’s specific needs, we work together with you to create a relevant plan for the year, taking into account all strategical, tactical and practical factors. We then monitor and follow up this plan on a quarterly basis. This includes everything from monitoring applicable contract deadlines and performing follow-ups and benchmarking in relation to set KPIs, to strategic decisions regarding establishments and liquidations.


Philip Berg

Relations & Sales


Your company’s premises are an essential part of your business and should be reviewed on an ongoing basis. If the premises are not providing the value you desire, there are a number of options that can be considered, from transferring or subletting all or parts of the premises to transferring the entire business. We always assess several different options concurrently to ensure the best possible outcome for your company.

When necessary, Gate46 can manage the entire liquidation and sales process on your behalf. This includes the production of prospectuses and marketing as well as negotiation and contract signing. We have performed hundreds of liquidation assignments, and our success is due to our well-proven work methods, our extensive experience in this field and our expansive nationwide and global network, which enables us to quickly identify the best potential counterparties.

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