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Together we apply bold and daring ideas, strategic thinking and creative excellence to create tailor-made interior design solutions

We adopt an independent project organisation which allows us to put together an optimal project team and bring in the best possible suppliers to ensure a successful outcome for our customers. We are not held back by rigid structures and take on projects of all shapes and sizes – solving everything from simple tasks through to complex undertakings. Using our knowledge, passion, intensity and ample experience, we transform our clients’ dreams into reality. Acting as your trusted advisor, we will be sure to find answers to every question that pops up along the way. Ensuring quality of the highest standard without ever missing a deadline or going over budget.  We are passionate about our projects and love working and getting creative with incredible colleagues to deliver successful results that will stand the test of time.


Principal Designer (Bas-P) – 2018
Principal Contractor (Bas-U) – 2018
Control Manager (KA) – 2019

David Gustafsson

Project Manager, Construction and Concept development

Business area / Construction & Interior Design

We are problem solvers and visionaries in a wonderful combination

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We have accumulated significant experience over time and made connections with the most talented individuals within each specific niche and project phase. People who are specialists in what they do and who love collaborating to take on just about any challenge. Problem solvers and visionaries in a magnificent combination. We are driven by the conviction that everything is possible.

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Sustainability – No Planet B

New technology together with tried and tested materials and methods makes for a great combination. Materials which last, which are produced locally and which can be recycled or reused many years down the line once their purpose has been served. Sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Materials that cost just that little bit more will almost always last a great deal longer, saving money and improving sustainability in the long run. The fact that the end result is often both more attractive and cheaper to maintain is simply a bonus!


Using our knowledge and experience about what works and what doesn’t, as well as a healthy curiosity for new technologies and solutions, we ensure that all of our projects are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We make sure that every aspect of each project is utilised to its fullest, that the right materials are used and that our environmental impact is kept to a minimum. We are always sure to assess our qualitative goals continuously over time. Sustainability, environment and quality often go hand in hand.

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Keep your capital unlocked throughout projects with our partner Svea Ekonomi’s business leasing solutions.

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