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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an almost legendary pizza chain with a history dating back to 1958. The menu at Pizza Hut features their Original Pan Pizza along with a delicious selection of pasta, ribs and wonderful desserts.

We have an exclusive establishment assignment in which we assist our client throughout the entire process, from searching for new premises to providing turnkey premises ready to welcome Pizza Hut’s customers. The assignment encompasses advisory services, searching for premises, new negotiations and renegotiations, and construction project management.

We have helped Pizza Hut with the establishment of their new concept in Täby Centrum and Solna Centrum, and at present we are focusing our attention on Stockholm and Gothenburg while also monitoring the market in the rest of Sweden.

The Täby store is a new concept for Pizza Hut

“This is a new concept that we are testing in the Swedish market in order to address a need we have seen in our guests. Fast casual is a strong growing trend which involves a somewhat faster pace of service and experience but without compromising on taste and quality”, says Richard Forsshéll, CEO of Pizza Hut Sweden.

At this new fast-track restaurant, the prices will be lower and the range will be slightly smaller than what you find at traditional Pizza Hut restaurants. Guests will be able to choose from a new and streamlined menu featuring all of the chain’s most popular pizzas and salads. The new service concept is based around offering faster service for people on the move. Guests can choose between grabbing their food to go or taking a break to sit down and enjoy their meal in peace and quiet at the restaurant.


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